Live Training in St. Kitts and Nevis

Live Training in St. Kitts and Nevis

Our recent Penetration Testing with BackTrack Live Training in St. Kitts was a great success.

This was the first time that we have done the class in the Caribbean, and we were really curious to see how it would go – as there is no denying there are some obstacles to overcome. First off, there are many US companies that will not send employees to training outside the US. Second, when you are looking at training and you see a location in what amounts to paradise, you can’t help but wonder how much work is actually going to be done.

PWK in the Caribbean

However, Offensive Security has a strong reputation for working our students hard and that reputation allowed us to fill the class to capacity. Any thoughts of leisure time while class was in session were quickly dashed. You know the class is going well when you are on a tropical paradise and when the class is dismissed for the day.. and no one leaves the room as they are so engrossed in the work they had been doing.

We had to literally kick some students out at the end of the day, so they would go get something to eat. This level of engagement is what we as trainers love to see.

This being our first class at this location, we had a few interesting lessons we learned:


  • Far from being a distraction, the location turned out to be a huge asset for the success of the class. Students were far enough away from their employers to allow a focus on the class while still being available for emergencies. One of the biggest problems in any live training is when the student can’t focus on the material due to employer interruptions. And the easier it is to get a hold of the employee, the more likely it is to have happen. By conducting the training in St. Kitts we found that there was far less of this sort of interruption then any other class we conducted.

  • Offensive Security classes are known for requiring a lot from the students in and out of the class room. Evening distractions are a real issue, as we like for students to be able to focus on the material so that they can come to class prepared the next day. Compared to conducting the training in other popular training locations, St. Kitts was a great mix of a pleasant peaceful location while still not being a party location full of evening distractions.

  • The facilities were such that we had total control over the entire computing infrastructure. With computers that Offensive Security provided as well the mini lab that we were able to deploy in the environment worked out great. With over 25 different systems for the students to target during class to test out techniques they were learning, students had every opportunity to put their new skills to test.


All of this lead to a wonderful learning environment for all involved. We saw a great degree of teamwork from the students and such positive attitudes, the entire class should be proud of themselves.

If that was not enough, we were also able to bring Johnny Long to the class as a surprise guest. Johnny was able to contribute to the class his many years of penetration testing experience and unique perspective. We are pleased that Johnny will be joining us in future trainings in St. Kitts. It was such a positive experience that we could not wait to do it again!

We are proud to announce that December 3rd-7th, 2012 we will be conducting Penetration Testing with BackTrack (PWB) and Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE), Live in the Caribbean!

Penetration Testing with BackTrack

Advanced Windows Exploitation

A few student testimonials of the St. Kitts PWB course

The course itself was a humbling and enlightening experience, all the instructors were not only knowledgeable but did not have an arrogant demeanor, on the contrary, everyone was extremely accessible, friendly and helpful. Asking a question was comfortable, and that is rare.

The location and facilities were amazing, the beach setting makes this really appealing, the food, people and atmosphere were very welcoming. Hard to beat.

The classroom and systems were just great, I was expecting outages and interruptions due to the nature of the attendants; but I was surprised by the opposite. All systems seemed very stable, solid and reliable for the class.

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Don’t wait to sign up, as both of these classes sell out on a constant basis. And once word gets out as for how good the first PWB class in St. Kitts went, we are sure this one will be at capacity very soon.

International direct flights  are available from London, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami.

If you have any questions about the class, please contact us.