Hacking Challenge #2 – HSIYF for Charity

How Strong is Your Fu, the first cyber hacking challenge from Offensive Security was a massive success and brought on the birth of a new Offsec tradition of Cyber Hacking Challenges.  We sent over 600 people crying back to their mama with our noob filter alone.

The carnage is barely cleaned up and we have already planned our second wave of attack. Sew back on your severed limbs, gulp down another energy drink and get ready for our main event.

Offsec Cyber Security Challenge

Enter the new How Strong is Your Fu for Charity.  Offsec has teamed up with the crew at Hackers For Charity and the world’s premier Hacker Con – BlackHat, to provide another amazing cyber hacking challenge with a whole new level of pain.  Our goal is to raise $5000 for HFC as well as provide a world class cyber hacking event. Registration to the event will take place on the information security training site, through the blog on the 6th of June, 2010.

The event (48 hours) will take place on June, 19th , 2010 with a couple little twists. We had so many people register for the first event,  it was hard to handle the load at times.  We are going to ask that each serious participant will donate only $49 dollars to Hackers For Charity as part of the registration process. All donations go directly to HFC.  The first 102 registrants will receive access to their own, private hell….err, we mean the next Offsec Cyber Challenge.  The registration and donations page (as well as more information about the challenge) will be posted on the 6th of June. Please do not attempt to register to this contest before that date – we will only accept registrations from our official event registration page.

The winners will receive amazing prizes ! The crew at Black Hat is putting up one free ticket to the Black Hat Conference in Vegas to the lucky survivor of the this challenge. Runner up will get a free CTP online course, including 30 days of lab time.

Go kiss the kids good-bye, make sure your will is intact and join Offensive Security on the non-stop thrill ride of real world cyber hacking challenges.