BackTrack Reborn - Kali Linux

BackTrack Reborn – Kali Linux

It’s been 7 years since we released our first version of BackTrack Linux, and the ride so far has been exhilarating. When the dev team started talking about BackTrack 6 (almost a year ago), each of us put on paper a few “wish list goals” that we each wanted implemented in our “next version”.

It soon became evident to us that with our 4 year old development architecture, we would not be able to achieve all of these new goals without a massive restructure so that’s exactly what we did and “Kali” was born. We’ve also posted a Kali Linux teaser on the BackTrack Linux site – and that’s all we’ll say for now…

Download teaser video here

How does this affect the Offensive Security courses? Surprisingly enough, with all the new changes we have made in Kali, the user experience remains pretty much the same. Our students should feel little difference between Kali and BackTrack. As usual, with our course upgrades, all alumni will be able to upgrade their course materials for a reduced fee. Students who have enrolled in PWB since the 1st of Jan, 2013 will get an additional discount on the upgrade fee –  once a new version of PWB is available, in the next 6 months. Our lab environment will not be changing due to the new BackTrack version. Be patient, we will release more information about Kali once it’s ready…soon.