Web Application Assessment Essentials

Embark on a journey in web application security. This Learning Path is a primer for advanced web application training, blending theory with practical, hands-on experiences.

  • Web technology fundamentals: Grasp Linux Basics, Networking Fundamentals, and JavaScript for a solid start.

  • Basic scripting and tools: Enhance skills with Bash and Python Scripting, and master security tools like Burp Suite.

  • Beginner security methodologies: Dive into core web attacker methodologies, secure coding, and critical aspects like cryptography and version control with Git.

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Building a strong web application testing base

Delve into the essentials of web application security, acquiring core skills in scripting and fundamental security practices. This learning path is designed to equip new learners with a solid base in the cybersecurity domain.

Bridging the way to Foundational Web Application Assessments and the OSWA certification

Bridging the way to Foundational Web Application Assessments and the OSWA certification

Prepares learners for the WEB-200 course with hands-on skills and foundational web security skills.

  • Interactive learning with real-world scenarios.
  • Emphasis on practical secure coding techniques.
  • Initial steps in web security assessment tools and methodologies.

Key modules in the Web Application Assessment Essentials Learning Path

Web Session Management

  • Introduction to secure session management, including authentication, authorization, passwords, session basics, cookie security, and single sign-on.

Introduction to Encoding, Serialization, XML, JSON, and YAML

  • Covers basics around XML, JSON and YAML

Introduction to Templating Engines

  • Basics of what Templating Engines are and how they work

Introduction to Web Services

  • Introduction to REST, Soap, and GraphQL services. Learning module will also discuss common authentication patterns for APIs.

Same-Origin Policy and CORS

  • This learning module is designed to give learners a fundamental understanding of Same-Origin Policy and CORS.

Getting Started with Git

  • Outlines Git features and technical characteristics. Teaches learners to use help, configure local Git repository, interact with Git objects, and push/pull to and from a remote repository.

Input Validation Fundamentals

  • Introduction to input validation as a concept, including block and allow lists together with an introduction to regular expressions, syntactic and semantic validation

Introduction to Git Security

  • Covers security concepts related to Git like exposing sensitive information, authentication and authorization methods, gitignore, unsigned commits, and logs (reviewing and undoing).

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