Defensive cybersecurity training aligned with MITRE D3FEND

OffSec MITRE D3FEND Learning Paths

Build your team's defensive skill sets by completing these three learning paths from OffSec. Address cybersecurity countermeasure components and capabilities for these three techniques:

  • Identify skill gaps based on current training achievements

  • Develop training plans for new and existing employees

  • Achieve compliance goals by identifying skills proficiencies based on the MITRE D3FEND framework

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Learning Paths aligned with three MITRE D3FEND Tactics


  • 2 MITRE Techniques covered
  • 103 hands-on labs
  • 95 training hours (approx.)
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  • 3 MITRE Techniques covered
  • 210 hands-on labs
  • 130 training hours (approx.)
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  • 6 MITRE Techniques covered
  • 171 hands-on labs
  • 160 training hours (approx.)
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Who are these Learning Paths for?

  • Defensive security professionals like incident responders, SOC Analysts, Security Researchers, and Threat Hunters.
  • Cybersecurity team leaders who use the MITRE D3FEND framework to develop skills amongst their teams.

Assess & train cybersecurity teams

Use the MITRE D3FEND framework to identify skill gaps across teams. Pick the OffSec MITRE D3FEND Learning Paths that focus on desirable skills. Addressing over 11 MITRE D3FEND techniques, these learning paths provide teams with text-based training and reinforce training with real-world, hands-on labs.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Leveraging industry-standard frameworks from MITRE, cybersecurity teams can identify risk areas across their organizations. Those same techniques are mapped to the MITRE D3FEND learning paths from OffSec ensuring teams get proper training to meet compliance requirements for cybersecurity training.


Earning an OffSec Learning Badge

Teams can showcase their growing MITRE D3FEND techniques! Upon completing the MITRE D3FEND Learning Paths, they’ll receive an exclusive OffSec badge signifying:

  • Specialized expertise: In-depth training on techniques including but not limited to model, harden & detect
  • Industry recognition: Add a powerful OffSec credential to your skillset
  • Hands-on mastery: Proven ability to execute MITRE D3FEND techniques in practice

 Why train your team with OffSec?

Best alignment with industry frameworks

Develop defensive skills recognized to protect your organization.

Attacker's edge

The best defense is a great offense, understand the exploiter's mindset to launch a proactive defense.

Ahead of the curve

Additional attack vectors are added every month to build your strongest defense.

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* Learning Paths also available with a Learn Unlimited subscription.