How Pulsar Security Established their Continuous Cyber Workforce Development

Offensive Security Cybersecurity Training Case Study


Pulsar Security is a team of cybersecurity veterans who primarily focus on offensive security services, and custom red team engagements. The constant influx of new and increasingly complex projects tested their teams’ skills, knowledge, and preparedness.

This challenge was coupled with the fact that Duane LaFlotte, CTO at Pulsar Security, was lacking visibility into how his team was progressing in their training.

Leveraging Offensive Security courses, training, and subscriptions, Pulsar Security was able to implement an effective, continuous workforce development program and bring their team to the next level of their cybersecurity skills development.

Read the case study to learn more about how the Pulsar Security team now has the needed confidence to lead any future engagement and secure all of their clients against malicious threats.


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