Wednesday, March 1st 2023

Experience the Refreshed OffSec

Build the path to a secure future with the refreshed OffSec! Dive into the details behind our ever-evolving learning library, new logo, and modernized name.

Embarking on a New Path

We’re leading the way in empowering the world to fight cyber threats with indispensable cybersecurity skills and resources. Join us on the path to a secure future.


Modernizing Our Name

You may have seen us use “OffSec”, the shortened version of “Offensive Security”, for quite some time. It is a natural progression to officially embrace the name we’re most commonly known by!

Most importantly, “OffSec” speaks to our present and future expansion.

Beyond training.
Beyond certification.
Beyond expectation.

The Path to a Secure Future

We’re been at the forefront of cybersecurity education, training the best practitioners. OffSec defined the industry with its intensive, practical approach. Our methodology, content, and learning paths prepare organizations and learners for whatever lies ahead on their journey – whether it’s the next step in their career path or team development for the enterprise customer.

OffSec is ever-evolving and growing to meet our learner and customer needs while embracing our legacy and community. We help companies develop skilled infosec team members by instilling the mindset of always moving onward and persevering in the face of challenges.

But the threat landscape is vast. We were determined to teach beyond penetration testing to meet our learner and customer needs, with deference to the legacy that the infosec community has built around Kali Linux.

Our ever-growing learning library helps learners build indispensable skills by offering a comprehensive variety of role-specific content. 

Learners have access to content for entry-level to advanced cybersecurity positions. We have widened the breadth of our teachings in the following domains: 

Our Learning Approach

Developing a security mindset involves a cycle of trial, failure, adaptation, growth, and triumph. Encouraging the development of this mentality in our students distinguishes our approach and courses from the rest.


Sometimes students will succeed on a particular trial. Most times they will struggle.
When a student is unable to solve the problem, they encounter failure.
Failure provides growth and learning opportunities. Learning to handle the mental and emotional reactions to failure is critical to adaptation.
When students are able to move past the experience of failure they will begin to adapt. This means they will start trying different approaches to solving the trial
Growth occurs when the student has internalized not only the knowledge, but also the skills, processes, and attitudes they have developed so far in the cycle. Growth happens due to the continued attempt at trying to solve the trial.
In the process, they have made incremental progress emotionally, mentally, and technically.
Triumph opens the door to the synthesis of knowledge and the ability to tackle more challenging trials.

Showcasing Endless
Opportunities with Design

OffSec’s new logo and typography are a tribute to where we’ve come from and the trails that have yet to be blazed. Our logo incorporates the shape of a path to develop the visual symbolization of the onward voyage – an infinite space where opportunities are endless and transformation begins.

The teal (Skyfoam) to purple gradation reflects the transformative process one experiences when engaging with our content – trial, failure, adaptation, growth, and triumph. This learning philosophy serves as a reminder that we are dedicated to turning learners into industry leaders. 

Additionally, this logomark showcases why companies partner with OffSec to attract, screen, and retain top talent while improving their cybersecurity posture.

Experience the Refreshed
OffSec for Yourself

Build the path to a secure future with OffSec. Explore the possibilities:

  • Courses and certifications – Earn an OffSec certification and demonstrate real-world skills.
  • Learn Subscriptions – Experience OffSec in full with an annual subscription. Options are available at the individual and organizational levels.
  • Book a Meeting – Connect with a team member to learn about how our training can develop talent, build cyber resilience, and reduce the costs of hiring and onboarding.
  • Partner Program – This program is designed to provide best-in-class cybersecurity training and certifications to learners through strategic partnerships with select education, learning, and channel partners worldwide.
  • Resource Center: Our informational hub of blogs, case studies, whitepapers, and e-books.
  • Discord: Connect and grow with the OffSec community and fellow learners.
  • Twitch: Interested in seeing what our content is like? Join our OffSec Live streams! We provide box walkthroughs, course tutorials, and every now and then play a game with students.