NDPROXY local SYSTEM exploit CVE-2013-5065

NDPROXY Local SYSTEM exploit CVE-2013-5065

Author: Matteo Memelli

In the past few days there has been some online chatter about CVE-2013-5065, a new Windows XP/2k3 privilege escalation, well documented by FireEye. Googling around, we came across a Twitter message which contained a link to a Chinese vulnerability analysis and PoC for CVE-2013-5065.


Due to the fact that the extended instruction pointer is set to 0x00000038 at the time of the crash, this bug can easily be exploited on Windows XP, which offers little resistance, as it allows non-privileged users to map the null page within the context of a user process. From there, it was trivial to produce a fully working exploit, which we will have posted on the Exploit-DB.

To read more about the Microsoft recommendations for dealing with this vulnerability so that you are not unduly exposed.