exploit database

Exploit Database Redesign

Offensive Security is delighted to announce the complete redesign of The Exploit Database (EDB), making it easier and faster than ever to find the data you need and presenting it to you in a responsive dashboard layout.

A Decade of Exploit Database Data

Managing the Exploit Database is one of those ongoing tasks that ends up taking a significant amount of time and often, we don't take the time to step back and look at the trends as they occur over time. Have there been more exploits over the years? Perhaps fe

What’s New with Exploit Database?

New Features in the Exploit Database Over the past 6 years, we have been maintaining and updating the Exploit Database on a daily basis, which now boasts over 35,000 exploits. While we constantly work on improving our back-end and entry quality. Over the years

Exploit Database Hosted on GitHub

We have recently completed some renovations on the Exploit Database backend systems and moved the EDB exploit repository to Github. This means that it's now easier than ever to copy, clone or fork the whole repository. The previous SVN CVS has been retired.