How Nettitude Benchmarks their Cybersecurity Training Program with Industry-Recognized Training & Certifications

Offensive Security Cybersecurity Training Case Study

Many cybersecurity professionals feel that even after a degree in the field, they still have much to learn. That’s why so many people turn to job-specific training after finishing college. 

As a global provider of cybersecurity services that frequently brings fresh graduates on board, Nettitude Group also noticed the lack of real-world skills they need for the job. They needed a cybersecurity training and certification program to ensure their team’s job readiness. 

The Nettitude team wasn’t just looking for cybersecurity training for their new team members and fresh graduates. To stay abreast with the security services they offer to clients, Nettitude needed a continuous professional development plan for all their security consultants. 

Solution? Choosing Offensive Security as an industry-recognized, hands-on cybersecurity training and certification provider.

Nettitude was then able to: 

  • Use OffSec’s penetration testing courses to gain confidence that their team is technically proficient and equipped with job-ready skills
  • Use foundational courses to benchmark new graduates and support them in their chosen career path
  • Leverage advanced courses to upskill and reskill their senior consultants
  • Provide OffSec certification as a stamp of approval for the success of their cybersecurity training program

Read this free case study to learn more about Nettitude Group’s results when working with OffSec as their chosen cybersecurity training provider. 

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