Penetration Testing

Penetration testing related news articles and videos, from Offensive Security.

Introduction to Car Hacking: The CAN Bus

The CAN bus (Controller Area Network bus) is a central network that a vehicle communicates with its components. We can think of this in regard to the fact that the vehicle has many functions that operate via electrical signals. The car has door locks, a speedo

Exploit Database Redesign

Offensive Security is delighted to announce the complete redesign of The Exploit Database (EDB), making it easier and faster than ever to find the data you need and presenting it to you in a responsive dashboard layout.

The Synology Improbability

Recently, my manager purchased a Synology NAS device for me to do some backups. Since quite a few people I know use this particular NAS (including myself now), I decided to do a quick audit on it before integrating it into my lab environment. In this blog post

Auditing the Auditor

Some time ago, we noticed some security researchers looking for critical vulnerabilities affecting "security" based products (such as antivirus) that can have a damaging impact to enterprise and desktop users. Take a stroll through the Google Project Zero bug

Hacking WPA Enterprise with Kali Linux

Admittedly, somewhat of a click-bait blog post title - but bear with us, it's for a good reason. Lots of work goes on behind the scenes of Kali Linux, tools get updated every day and interesting new features are added constantly. Most of these tool updates an

Kali Rolling ISO of DOOM, Too.

A while back we introduced the idea of Kali Linux Customization by demonstrating the Kali Linux ISO of Doom. Our scenario covered the installation of a custom Kali configuration which contained select tools required for a remote vulnerability assessment. The