BackTrack 4 Pre Final Sneak Peek

BackTrack 4 Pre Final available to Informer IHS subscribers

BackTrack 4 development is coming along nicely. We will be releasing a BackTrack “pre-release sneak peek” version to Informer subscribers this week. If you don’t know what Informer is, you’re missing out.


The Informer is a fund raising effort run by Hackers For Charity. It is designed to give subscribers a “backstage pass” to the world of Information Security. For $54 per year, subscribers get early, exclusive access to all sorts of goodies (including books, papers, blog entries, tool releases and more) donated by the top names in the INFOSEC world.

It’s about saving lives

But the Informer is not about selling goodies to make a profit. It’s about feeding kids. Many organizations, like AOET ( are helping the world’s most vulnerable citizens through education, medical care, vocational training and child sponsorship. However, many children awaiting sponsorship are dying of life-threatening illnesses despite having access to the medication that can save them. The problem is that their medication will not take hold without a nutritious diet, and these children (orphans, mostly) can not afford the nine dollars ($9.00!) a month that diet costs.

The Informer service is designed to stand in the gap for these children. Your $54 subscription (100% of their profit) will enable them to feed six children for six months in Webuye, Kenya. Each child also receives a “kitchen garden” which lasts for years and produces enough vegetables for their entire family, regardless of whether they own land.

Get BT4 Pre Final!

If you’d like to get an early release of BT4 Pre-Final, join the Informer community, get awesome perks, 0days, pre-releases, and save children while you’re at it! The pre-release should be available for download by the end of may to informer subscribers.

So wait, does BackTrack cost money?

No, it doesn’t. It never will. A public version of BackTrack 4 pre-final will be released in a couple of weeks from now – Informer subscribers simply get the first opportunity to beta test it.

More information

For more information about Informer, or to subscribe, click here: